Crafting an Exceptional Employee Experience in 2024: 5 Critical Factors

MX Bites / April 26, 2024

New business evolution projects that an improvement in employee experience affects other aspects of the business, including customer experience. The mindset of most business owners and other stakeholders is to build a robust customer experience that will generate enough revenue for business expansion. They also believe that the business expansion will improve the growth of the employees in the long run. However, this causes a huge imbalance that must be resolved. Even though customers are the target of the business, we must consider the trajectory of business operations that flows right from the management to the employees and finally to the customers. This shows that every investment made in employee experience is an indirect investment made in customer experience. 

In the real sense, “happy employees make happy customers.” It’s an experience flow that originates with the company, moves through the employees, and ends with the customers. Therefore, achieving sustainability in workplace practice and business growth requires the investment of conscious efforts in transforming employee experience. Going further, we will explain some pivotal factors that serve as the bedrock for building a great employee experience.

Factors That Make Great Employee Experience
Mutual Trust: 

This is arguably one of the bedrocks on which great employee experiences are built. Most companies want their employees to trust the company, but they look away from the fact that trust is meant to be mutual for balance to exist. The company must trust the employees’ abilities to grow the company, and the employees must also trust in the goals and visions of the organization. Trust empowers employees to take leadership actions that involve dealing with customer complaints without necessarily waiting for management approval. This empowerment creates a sense of fulfillment in employees, establishes confidence, and creates an atmosphere for creativity and collaboration. In fact, McKinsey research reports that this form of inclusion in the workplace increases the possibility of employee retention by 47%. This means that employees are more likely to leave a workplace where trust does not exist.

Strong company culture that creates connectivity and belonging

It is harder for employees to break bonds with companies where they have closely knitted their hearts. Every great workplace shares a strong bond that connects the hearts of employees with the company goals, and this is born out of shared values with the organization. This is also a pointer that organizations should only employ people who have shared values with the organizational vision and goals; if not, it will be difficult to earn the trust and cooperation of the employees over time. Another way to foster connectivity is to clearly communicate the goals and vision of the organization to the employees. When they understand the vision, it will be easier for them to run with it. It’s even more fulfilling for them when the goals align with their personal values; it creates a sense of fulfillment and achievement in them.

Continuous learning and development to fuel growth and engagement: 

It’s not a new discovery that, in any setting, knowledge is an edge. Knowledge empowers employees to go beyond their normal capabilities. Creating opportunities for employees to grow and learn is an indirect way of setting up your business for success. If you expect an increase in the quality of output, then you must invest in the employees that make this happen. By providing opportunities for mentorship programs, career development, and skill acquisition, employees are empowered, which instills a sense of loyalty to the company and fulfillment in staying aligned with their dreams and personal goals. So that even if they choose to stay in the company for a lifetime, they are still secure in the fact that they derive fulfillment from their job roles. 

Creating a culture that prioritizes wellness: 

Nobody enjoys being in an organization that does not consider the health of its employees. Instead, people want to be in a work structure that looks out for them as much as they look out for the company. Therefore, businesses should consider the wellbeing of their employees when assigning tasks and also ensure to give breaks when necessary. In cases of burnout and mental illnesses, employees should be led through mindfulness sessions and activities that produce mental relief.

Remote work flexibility and employee empowerment with cutting-edge tools: 

Ever since the pandemic in 2020, the future of work has tilted more towards remote settings. We now know that it is possible to improve work efficiency by allowing employees to work from home. The employee experience will be greatly improved if employees are given the option of working remotely to improve their efficiency and productivity. To create an exceptional employee experience in this digital age, there must also be a provision of cutting-edge technology tools coupled with the technical advantage of learning how the tools work. 


Employee experience is an evolving aspect of business that serves as a central point of operation. It takes conscious effort to create great experiences for employees at this age and time. The peculiarity of employee experience is due to the fact that it spreads throughout every aspect of the business. This means that investing in the employee experience produces a great customer experience and speeds up business growth. Following the points listed above, you can earn the loyalty of your employees and set up your business for sustainable growth.

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