Creating an Incredible Employee Experience to Retain Top Talents

MX Bites / February 1, 2024

Top talents around the world are drawn to a great employee experience. They recognize that, according to their work abilities, they are entitled to competitive compensation. As a result, they are more likely to seek organizations that understand and embrace their value by providing a positive workplace experience.

The worst way to treat employees is to directly or indirectly give them the impression that they are replaceable. Not only does this reduce their productivity, but it also reduces their engagement and causes them to consider quitting. It takes conscious efforts to keep your top talents as a business, as their attrition is usually a huge loss to the company. When top employees quit, it causes instability in the organizational structure and reduces the company’s place in the global marketplace. To prevent a decline in organizational growth due to employee attrition, it’s best to keep measures in place to make your top talents stay.

In the rest of the article, we will elaborate on the importance of top talents to a company and give you some strategies on how to retain them.

Why does retaining top talent matter?

There are many employees in a company, but the top talents are fewer and more important. Every organization must be attentive enough to recognize the employees who are currently representing pillars in the organization. This means that their presence is pivotal to the workflow and overall success of the business. On the other hand, their absence can cause instability in the organization. Companies must understand that their strategy to keep this set of people is to provide a great employee experience.

Retaining top talents matters first because it helps save time and resources required for onboarding new employees, training them, and waiting for them to grow up to the capacity in which top talents function. It also matters because it could take too long to recover from the instability that losing a top talent could cause. Some businesses never recover from it, especially when the attrition of many top talents happens concurrently. 

Having understood the importance of creating a good employee experience for retaining top talent, let’s look into some strategies that companies could incorporate to keep them.

Strategies for Improving Employee Experience to Retain Top Talents

For every organization with great employees, crafting a good employee experience is a game changer in retaining them. As mentioned earlier, it takes more than good salary compensation to create an incredible employee experience; it takes the following strategies to keep them:

Designing a seamless onboarding experience:

For most employees, their first day at work sets the pace of their employee experience for their remaining days at the organization. Business leaders should create a workplace culture that fully engrafts their employees into the system, right from their first day at work. Help them understand their role and their responsibilities in moving the organization forward. Role clarity gives employees a sense of importance to the business and helps them find fulfillment in their roles. This is better expressed when employees are made to work in the areas of their strengths. This explains why proper interviewing must be done to understand the strengths of the employees and where they best fit in a team. In this way, employees are better able to express their potential, giving them a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Once a company can initiate a sense of fulfillment in their employees, they have created a system to retain them.

Prioritizing professional development opportunities:

Something you should know about top talents is that they are not just people who perfectly fit into their job roles; they are employees who have the potential and desire to build themselves for the purpose of creating solutions for the organization. Therefore, top talents are likely to stay where opportunities to learn and grow are provided. To keep your top talents, help them understand that you prioritize providing employees with ample opportunities for professional growth, such as training sessions, mentorship programs, and resource access, so they can grow professionally and rise within the company. 

Building a Positive Work Environment:

Though a positive work environment is subjective to organizations, one could define a positive work environment as one that creates an atmosphere where every employee feels valued and highly motivated to work. This is a product of a work environment that is under good leadership, inspires team or collaborative work, and promotes initiatives that support work-life balance so that employees do not burn out at work.

A positive work environment and employee experience is also one that encourages flexibility and creates a feedback system to give room for improvement and increase employee satisfaction.

Recognition and Reward Programs:

A good employee experience is one that prioritizes reward programs. Just like every other normal human, outstanding employees want to be recognized and, more importantly, rewarded. Not only does this boost their morale and make them feel valued, but it also encourages other employees to put in their best effort. In this case, employees should be rewarded with remarkable gifts and awards that they cannot easily forget. It gives them a deep sense of satisfaction, hence encouraging them to stay longer.


In every organization, the top talents are assets worth retaining. As mentioned above, highly talented individuals are more attracted to a work environment that creates an atmosphere for their gifts to gain expression and be celebrated. As companies that are aiming to maintain organizational structure and build a workforce that is emotionally invested in the company, you should prioritize establishing structures that provide an unmatched employee experience.

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